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Emergency messages are sent by state and local governments as well as the National Weather Service via television, radio, weather radios, social media and alerts on cellular phones. UNC-Chapel Hill also has the ability to send alerts through the Alert Carolina Emergency Notification System. Make sure you have a way to monitor severe weather conditions and receive emergency alerts at all times.

Alert Carolina Emergency Notification System

The Alert Carolina Emergency Notification System communicates in multiple ways with students, faculty and staff, as well as visitors, local residents, parents and the news media in the event of an emergency or dangerous situation.

The Alert Carolina System Protocols direct the University to inform the campus community using four different types of notifications:

  • Emergency Warning
  • Crime Alert
  • Adverse Conditions
  • Informational

Details about the Alert Carolina system and how people can expect to receive information are included in the University’s Alert Carolina System Protocols.

Wireless Emergency Alerts

Screenshot of emergency alert on a cell phoneA Wireless Emergency Alert give people a free and fast way to get key details. It gives you text-like alert messages to your mobile device during an emergency. It also sends details about AMBER alerts or other problems in your area. You do not need to get an app or subscribe to the service. Just make sure emergency alerts are turned on in the notification’s settings on your phone.

Only approved government staff can send messages. The messages are short. They tell you the type and time of alert and anything you need to do.

WEA messages are sent via cell towers, which means you only get those messages that concern your area. If the warning message is sent before you get to the area, your mobile device will get the message once you enter that area. Newer mobile devices are all WEA-capable. Ask your cell phone carrier if your mobile device can get WEA messages if you have an older mobile device.

Emergency Alert System

The Emergency Alert System (EAS) broadcasts emergency messages via radio and TV. Messages can be sent at the national, state or local levels; however, the system is mostly used on a regional level for weather emergencies.

NOAA Weather Radio

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) airs constant weather information to specially designed NOAA weather radios. The information comes from local National Weather Service offices. The NOAA radios give timely, correct details weather threats that may be near a certain area. These radios are key tools to being ready for emergencies, and it is encouraged to have one in your home.

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