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No University department may offer programs that serve minors, nor may any third party utilize University property to offer programs that serve minors, without first obtaining approval under the Policy on the Protection of Minors and continuously complying with all the Policy standards and requirements. Procedures for registering and obtaining approval are detailed below.

The Coordinator for the Protection of Minors can be contacted at 919-843-8995 or by email at to answer questions or provide guidance regarding requirements for programs serving minors.

Any Covered Program that is determined to have not complied with any provision of the University’s Policy on the Protection of Minors is subject to immediate discontinuation of the Covered Program’s operation and/or use of University property at the discretion of the University Coordinator and may also be banned from future use of University facilities.

UNC-Chapel Hill Policy on Protection of Minors

Program Staff Training*

Each Covered Program must assure that all program staff are appropriately trained on policies and issues relevant to the protection of minors. This training must occur at least annually and must occur prior to any initial interactions with minors. The management of a Covered Program may enhance and/or modify the University’s training requirements to meet specific needs of the applicable program, but such training must include the following minimum components:

  • The University’s Policy on the Protection of Minors
  • Sexual abuse and sexual harassment
  • Detection of abuse and neglect through behavioral signs of abuse or neglect that minor victims may exhibit
  • Protecting minors from abusive emotional and physical treatment by adults or peers
  • Laboratory safety for minors (when applicable)
  • Emergency Response
  • Strategies for Working with Minors

*In-person and on-line training is available. Visit the training section or contact the Protection of Minors on Campus unit.

Recommendations for Covered Programs

Covered Programs shall have their own plans and procedures and training mechanisms that address the applicable “Pre-Camp Training Topics” identified by the American Camp Association.

Covered Programs whose Minors will be working in the lab must follow procedures set by Environment, Health and Safety.

Covered Programs shall have plans and procedures to address instances of severe weather, swimming safety, lifeguard supervision, travel off premises, or other applicable situations where Minors’ safety or security could potentially be threatened.

Training for Program Staff in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, and automated external defibrillator (AED) use is also strongly recommended for Covered Programs of eight or more participants.

Units should require Covered Program Staff of eight or more participants to prominently distinguish themselves for easy identification when the Covered Program is operating. This can be accomplished by wearing issued lanyards, buttons, or T-shirts.