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Risk Management Services is responsible for overseeing the majority of the University’s insurance programs, from purchasing the appropriate coverage to adjusting insurance claims. Many of these programs are self-insured or have large deductibles, and we assure the necessary internal funding requirements are in place for the University’s portion of a loss. Some of these programs are state-administered, requiring us to serve as the liaison between the University and the State of North Carolina.

Risk Management Services works with each campus department on a continuous basis to assure our entire fleet of vehicles is properly reported to our insurance company and that all the necessary coverage is in place. The University’s automobile insurance is part of a master policy issued to the state of North Carolina. All University-owned vehicles, trailers, and mobile equipment are covered under this one policy.
Campus departments have the option to insure individual pieces of University-owned computer or other business equipment with all-risk insurance. Having the option to selectively decide what to insure allows campus departments to pay a premium for only those items. Coverage for these items is handled through the State Property Fire Insurance Fund.
Risk Management Services purchases a campus-wide fine arts insurance policy that covers all our owned works of art, rare books and other historic collections. This policy also extends coverage to on-loan exhibits. Our campus regularly hosts on-loan art exhibits and we work with all interested parties to assure these exhibits are properly protected and insured.
Risk Management Services can help explain statutes and provides consultation to campus customers regarding The Defense of State Employees Act. As an agency of the state of North Carolina, our University is subject to different and sometimes more complex rules on when it comes to employee liability and certifying our coverage. These rules are outlined in The Defense of State Employees Act found in our General Statutes.
Risk Management Services’ insurance responsibilities include protecting our greatest assets – our employees and students. We assure that all employees are covered against claims or lawsuits that may arise out of the scope of their employment. Certain employees and students require more personalized attention against professional liability exposures. We work directly with all health affairs areas to assure their practitioners and students in training are individually covered against medical malpractice situations.
All buildings are insured for All Risk Special Form Property Insurance.
Risk Management Services provides a Student Internship Liability Insurance Program to campus departments in order to protect their interning students. Our student interns are put into professional settings and given professional responsibilities. However, in many situations, they may not have professional liability insurance protection. A student intern also can be subject to a malpractice claim. Our Student Internship Liability policy offers general and/or professional liability protection.
Our risk management responsibilities are not limited to the confines of campus. With increasing student and faculty international travel, the challenge of assuring their protection and safety increases too. We offer a Travel and Study Abroad Insurance program available to students, faculty and their families while traveling abroad. In the event of injury or sickness, this program facilitates and pays for their medical treatment while in the foreign country. Another program benefit includes medical evacuation services if there are not adequate medical facilities within close proximity.
Risk Management Services serves as a clearinghouse for all the University’s insurance premiums. On behalf of the entire campus, we deal directly with our insurance brokers and carriers to negotiate the best coverages and prices. And once coverage is purchased, we pay the insurance carrier directly from our accounts.

This process serves the interest of our campus customers in several ways. Using our experience, it assures that the proper insurance coverage is being purchased and that the premiums are paid in a timely fashion with no lapse in coverage. And it relieves campus departments of this administrative duty so they can focus on their educational missions.

Although we initially pay the premium, these insurance costs are ultimately allocated back to the campus department that requested the coverage. This internal charge-back program is done electronically through ConnectCarolina. By making campus departments responsible for their “cost of risk,” they take greater ownership and fiscal responsibility.

Risk Management Services continuously works with all campus units to assure we are current with fire insurance due to the acquisition of new buildings and that our entire portfolio of property has been reported to the State Property Fire Insurance Fund. Our University is required by General Statute to insure its property in the Department of Insurance’s State Property Fire Insurance Fund.