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Ice falling in the form of freezing rain is particularly dangerous and poses a variety of problems. The ability of freezing rain to accumulate on nearly every surface, including trees, power lines and bridges makes it one of the most dangerous forms of winter weather. As little as a quarter of an inch of freezing rain can create widespread power outages. On February 17, 2015, inland areas of Eastern North Carolina saw widespread freezing rain of up to a quarter of an inch of ice which created power outages.

When driving, ice can be very difficult to recognize. The roadway may appear to be wet when in reality what appears to be water may actually be ice. If the temperature outside is below freezing, ice can form on the roads, especially on bridges and overpasses. When encountering ice, do not panic and do not stomp on your brakes. It is safer to slowly decelerate to a stop.

Winter precipitation infographic

All information on this page has been supplied by the National Weather Service.

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