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Campus Safety and Risk Management

Keeping Safe at UNC

Campus Safety provides safety and emergency planning services for students, faculty and staff at Carolina. From Police and Emergency Management, to Environment, Health and Safety, to Business Continuity — Campus Safety keeps Carolina safe.


Brian James
Brian James Named Chief of UNC Police

May 13, 2022

At Carolina, Brian James will work to continue bridging and developing relationships between UNC Police and members of the campus and local community.

Complete a Written Plan
Hurricane Preparedness Week 2022: Complete a Written Plan

May 7, 2022

The time to prepare for a hurricane is before the season begins, when you have the time and are not under pressure.

Help Your Neighbor
Hurricane Preparedness Week 2022: Help Your Neighbor

May 6, 2022

Comprehensive preparedness requires the whole community to participate in hurricane preparedness. That said, many people, especially senior citizens, rely on the assistance of neighbors before and after hurricanes.

Strengthen Your Home
Hurricane Preparedness Week 2022: Strengthen Your Home

May 5, 2022

If you plan to ride out the storm in your home, make sure it is in good repair and up to local hurricane building code specifications.