Risk Management Services plays a key role in the management of the University’s entire risk portfolio. We recognize that many other campus units share in this responsibility, and we partner with those units to achieve a coordinated, cohesive and enterprise-wide approach to managing all University risks. By providing this team-oriented approach, our campus customers are assured they have the full force of the University’s risk management resources behind them. We attempt to avoid a silo approach to risk management where each department remains isolated to what the rest of the campus is doing. Rather, we institutionalize our risk management programs so the entire campus takes ownership and this brings consistency and greater transparency to our stakeholders.

Due to our university’s size, each campus unit has unique challenges therefore our strategies must remain fluid. We work with units in a proactive fashion, assisting to identify and assess the issues specific to their program. Once identified, we determine the most responsible and cost-effective solutions to manage these risks. The techniques we use include any combination of prevention, acceptance, avoidance, contractual transfer, or the purchase of insurance. Risk Management Services is responsible for overseeing the University’s insurance programs, from purchasing the appropriate coverage to facilitating insurance claims. Some of these programs are state-administered, requiring us to serve as the liaison between the University and the State of North Carolina.

Risk Management Services is here to serve the University’s full spectrum of risk management needs, including individualized assessments, reporting tools to measure performance, procuring proper insurance coverages, reviewing contracts and agreements to address contractual liabilities, and sharing the latest industry information and best practices with you.



Risk Management Services and Mission Continuity
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