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Overseeing Insurance Programs

Risk Management Services serves the University’s full spectrum of risk management needs, including individualized risk assessments, risk reporting tools to measure performance, the procurement of proper insurance coverages, insurance claim adjustments and contract review to address contractual liabilities.

Risk Management Services plays a key role in the management of the University’s entire risk portfolio. We recognize that many other campus units share in this responsibility, and we partner with those units to achieve a coordinated, cohesive and enterprise-wide approach to managing all University risks. By providing this team-oriented approach, our campus customers are assured that they have the full force of the University’s risk management resources behind them.


Risk Management Services
1120 Estes Drive Extension
Campus Box #1650
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Phone: 919-962-6681
Fax: 919-962-0227


UNC Buildings
All Risk Special Form Property Insurance

July 1, 2021

Effective July 1, 2021, all University buildings and contents will be covered for All Risk Special Form Property Insurance through the State Fire Protection Grant Fund, which is managed by the NC Department of Insurance.

Janet Hoernke
Carolina People: Janet Hoernke

May 18, 2021

“We are tasked with protecting the University’s portfolio of assets so our mission-critical functions can continue to be performed on a daily basis.”

Snow on South Building Sign
Winter Weather Preparedness and Safety Tips

December 3, 2019

Although winter comes as no surprise, the snow and freezing rain can cause major disruption to services we take for granted such as roads, public transit, grocery stores and emergency services.