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The risks that the University faces constantly change, so our strategies must remain fluid. By the nature of our large organization, each campus unit has unique risks. Risk Management Services works with units in a proactive fashion, helping to identify and assess the risks that are specific to them. Once identified, we determine the most responsible and cost-effective solutions to manage these risks. The risk management techniques we use include any combination of risk prevention, risk acceptance, risk avoidance or risk transfer strategies.

Though campus units each have unique risks, we avoid a siloed approach to risk management so each department does not remain isolated from the rest of the University. Risk Management Services institutionalizes the University’s risk management programs so the entire campus takes ownership and shares a consistent risk profile. This ownership and consistency brings greater transparency to our stakeholders.


Janet Hoernke
Janet Hoernke
Risk Manager
Tyler Lunsford
Tyler Lunsford
Risk Manager


Risk Management Services
1120 Estes Drive Extension
Campus Box #1650
Chapel Hill, NC 27599

Phone: 919-962-6681
Fax: 919-962-0227