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Parent/legal guardian must disclose if medications will be needed during the program/camp by completing the Camper Health Care Form , via CampDoc, Ryzer, Program/Camp’s registration system, or in-person. This form must be submitted by parent/legal guardian prior to, or at the time of registration.

On-Site Program/Camp Sign-In

  • A Program/Camp staffer meets with the parent/legal guardian to review all medication/health issues and needs addressed in the Camper Health Care Form.
  • Medication is to be provided in its original pharmacy container labeled with the participant’s name, medicine name, dosage, and timing of dosage. Over- the- counter medications must be provided in their manufacturers’ container.
  • All medications must be placed in a zip-lock bag provided by the Program/Camp. The bag should clearly identify the participant by name.
  • A Daily Medication Log or CampDoc medication management system or Ryzer (app) must be used.

Procedure for Storage and distribution

  • Zip-lock bags will be stored securely in a lockbox available only to Program/Camp staff responsible for distribution.
  • At the appropriate time, Program/Camp staff will assist the participant with retrieving his/her zip-lock bag from the lockbox.
  • Once the participant receives his/her zip-lock bag, Program/Camp staff will confirm that the participant has the correct bag.
  • The participant will then self-administer the medication.
  • Once the medication has been taken, the Program/Camp staff will check that the medication was taken and indicate the time on the Daily Medication Log, or in CampDoc or Ryzer app.
  • The participant shall return the zip-lock bag into the lockbox.

Conclusion of Camp

  • Parent/legal guardian and/or participant must see Program/Camp staff to pick-up the stored zip-lock bag and retrieve all medication.
  • Medication that has been abandoned will be destroyed and will not be sent back to parent/legal guardian via mail.